Chris Foley Day, October 6, 2017

Chris Foley Day, October 6, 2017

October 6, 2017 will be declared Chris Foley day by the Mayor of Rochester.  Chris recently died and this event was planned to honor him.  He worked at both the Rochester Middle School and William Allen School.

The plans are to have staff and students wear either the Foley Fanatics t-shirts recently purchased, or New England sports jerseys on Friday, October 6th.

On October 6th, there will be a short recognition immediately before the football game.  The proclamation will be read and other ways to recognize Chris’ impact on Rochester will be included.  The game is against Concord, where Chris attended school and began his teaching career.

The gate receipts from the game, plus a portion of 50/50 and any other donations from that night will go to the Foley Family.

If you have question, please contact Michael Hopkins, Superintendent at 332-3678 or

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