Chromebook Purchases

I have attached a document that you can use to order a chromebook.  This is a good price from CDWG.  If you are a parent or student in the District, and want to bring your own device to and from school, you can purchase one of the devices.  Any chromebook would work, but these are a good bid price.

If you are ordering, you must setup an account, then it will allow you to enter a credit card, and delivery address.  If you are getting Chamberlain Street School and it asks for a PO number, you have not setup an account.

If you are a staff member and want to use payroll deductions to pay for the item, you will need to wait until the school year begins to place an order directly with the District.  A form will go out for that purpose.

Here is the link to the website:

RSD 17-18 Chromebook Purchase-1xq9ptp

2 thoughts on “Chromebook Purchases

  1. Hello,

    I was curious about this and am interested in purchasing one for my son. My son goes to the middle school. Will he be able to use this at school as well? The link does not have only 3 choices. It shows all of them and they are not the prices you’ve shown. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?