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  1. we need to get away from the collective bargaining and this piece talks about the same thing…I like the idea of 1 year contracts with each staff member tailored specifically to their job description…I’m not sure how else you maximize the effectiveness of a new school if you bring in elements that arguably contribute to why we are looking at a new HS model to begin with…

  2. How could you even consider this program, devised by hippie friend of William Ayers, who ran the UNSUCCESSFUL Thayer Academy in Winchester himself? This is so 1960s… and going backward.

    Have you not done ANY research?

    Is there any limit to the snake oil you people will embrace without having a clue what all the jargon really means?

    This man Dennis Litkky, this school program Big Picture, neither are serious choices. You are being scammed.

    The video of one school mentioned in the report is telling us a whole lotta nothing.. ‘community of learning’ with caring teachers? So the rest of us are not caring? BAH. Where are the specifics??? There are none. I still know little about how this school is any different than a regular school that would enforce hard work and behavior.

    How about a little discipline, strong curriculum and real work and allowing teachers to teach? THIS IS THE CURE. Not top down utopian ideas that make you think they have succeeded when they haven’t.


  3. trying to create fear uncertainty and doubt about a solid educational reform effort is lost on this concerned parent & taxpayer…without all the details having been finalized, criticizing this effort is premature and foolish…I want to see this played out before I make a final determination of whether it is a viable option or not…and, I’m certainly not going to just sit back and watch…I plan on being fully engaged in the process as much a any single outsider can…I firmly believe that our schools belong to us (the people)…we need more parent and concerned citizen involvement to ensure the final result reflects what is in the best interests of our kids…