Accelerated Reading and Math for pre-Kindergarten students

Accelerated Reading and Math for pre-Kindergarten students


If you are interested in extraordinary achievement for your child in Reading and Math there are three important books to read.

I am taking much of my information from Extraordinary Parents, by Lynn Fielding, New Foundation Press

He recommends two books by Glenn and Janet Doman:  How to Teach Your Baby to Read, and How to Teach Your Baby Math

I will summarize an activity that anyone could do with a young child to give them a head start in reading.

Preparing the materials:

  1. Use white poster board and ½ inch red felt tipped marker.
  2. Cut 200 cards 6 inches by 22 inches. (it is hard to find pre-cut cards this size)
  3. Print 15 special cards of the 15 most familiar and enjoyable words around your child.  Include sibling names, pets, favorite foods, objects, etc.
  4. Put one word per card.
  5. Print the word on the back in small print, so you know what word you are showing your child.
  6. Sort the card and divide them into groups of five.
  7. Besides the 15 most familiar words, add 200 single words like shoe, apple, juice, eyes.  You can add any words that your child is curious about. 

This is just a quick overview.  Check out the How to Teach Your Baby to Read from the library if you are interested.


Now you use the cards in groups of five.  The first day you select five words, and hold each word about 14 inches from your child’s face, and say “This is mommy”.  Repeat all five words Hold each card in front of the child for one second. It takes five seconds for this activity.  Repeat it two more times during the day.  The child simply, watches, listens and learns.  The next day you repeat what you did the day before, and add five new words .  Don’t show 10 words at a time, divide it into five word groups.  Follow this pattern for five days, adding a group each day.  So, by the fifth day, you have 5 groups, and fifteen short sessions per day.  If you are interested in this technique, check on the book, How to Teach Your Baby to Read. 


Make sure you follow some simple rules:

  1.  Start when the child is rested.
  2. Use a corner of the room without distractions.  Turn off the TV and Radio.
  3. Do not ask the child to repeat the words.
  4. It has to be fun. 
  5. Adjust to your child.  Don’t force it.
  6. Read to your child 20 minutes each day, not matter what. 

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