Gonic Updates

Gonic 3-5 will play on the McClelland playground instead of the field at RMS.

The buses came at their regular time to Gonic yesterday

R6 – 3:05pm

R16 – 3:15pm

R13 -3:25pm


So I am sure they were later to RMS and McClelland.

The transfer/YMCA bus came to Gonic at 3:20pm.

The drop off and pick up went smoothly.



2 thoughts on “Gonic Updates

  1. I am curious will the Gonic students that are staying at Gonic going to be offered any real hot lunches sometime soon? or will they only be getting served the minimal lunches for the rest of the year? just kind of feeling that only having these light options really isn’t enough substance for these kids.

  2. The plan is to start the week of January 15th to allow time to get product in the district. We will offer one hot entrée as well as the cold options we are offering already. School lunch staff will work on modifying the elementary menu and post it for Gonic.