Update on some details

Please look here for updates since the meeting on December 13, 2017

If you are dropping off at RMS stay in the right lane as you leave Brock Street.  You will stay out of the McClelland parent line.  If you are picking up at RMS please do not begin the car lineup until 2:50  or later.  Staff may need to get out of parking spots after school at RMS.

When you face the front of Gonic School, the door on the right will be the entrance for parents and visitors.  It will have a button to push to request entrance to the school.  The door on the left will be used at the end of the day for parent drop off and students leaving the building.

Notes from the Nursing staff: We already have the medication and orders so we are set with that transfer. We will be asking the teachers and/or paras  that will be transporting the kids to McClelland  for their specials to carry any needed medications (i.e. inhalers, epipens) with them for that class and I have spoken with Jen Saucier (Nurse at McClelland) and she is in agreement with the plan. She will see Gonic students if needed while at McClelland and call us.

The current Gonic nurse will still be attending any IEP,  504 meetings for these students and keep us informed as needed. Cori Brown one of the nurses at RMS is familiar with these students as she had them during her time at Gonic.  We have reviewed all the health condition alerts and all info is in IC for us to access. We are confident we will be able to handle these students without any difficulty.

Rochester Child Care at RMS/D wing  Drop off students at the rear door of D Wing in the morning.  The students will be supervised in D Wing room 175.  In the afternoon pick up students from the cafeteria area.  The students will be in the cafeteria at least all of next week.   The Child Care parents will be notified of any changes after next week.

Bus 01 will be at Gonic School in the side parking lot after 8:15.  Walking students and any parent drop off students in grade 3 to 5 will be able to wait in the bus, and it should leave for RMS by 8:25.  Please make sure walkers are at school to catch the 8:25 a.m. bus.

In the afternoon, the bus R19 will leave the Middle School as close to 3 p.m. as possible.  It will drop Gonic students at Gonic, pickup Y riders and return to McClelland to pick up Y riders.  It will bring walkers and any students parents have designated to return to Gonic via the bus.  Buses 6, 13 and 16 will pick up at Gonic, then RMS and then go to McClelland.  This is a slightly different version from what I said last night.


Bus Changes:


R1 Pick up Gonic walkers 3-5 gr 8:15-8:25 parent drop off for Gonic 3 to 5 at the back playground

R6, R13 and R16

Drop k-2 at Gonic in back. p/u any walkers that are at the school if they can fit

Drop McClelland students

Transfer Maple and SES students to R9 @ McClelland

Drop 3-5 Gonic students at RMS out back


R19 Pick up RMS Gonic walkers/YMCA students up at front of school

Drop walkers and p/u YMCA at Gonic in front of school

P/U McClelland YMCA students


R6, R13 and R16

P/U  Gonic school k-2 students in front of school

P/U at RMS Gonic 3-5 in front of school (If any additional walkers R6 can bring them to Gonic)

P/U McClelland students/Transfers

Start Elem Route


2 thoughts on “Update on some details

  1. Couple of quick questions. If I am calling my 5th grader in sick to school, do I call the Gonic number, the middle school number or is there a number at RMS assigned to the Gonic students? Same for early dismissal in the event of an appointment. Do I pick up at D wing at RMS or the main office? Will one of the Gonic secretaries now be at RMS? One final question, will the school lunch options for the wee of Dec 18th be the elementary options or the middle school options for the Gonic students at RMS? Thanks so much for everything!

  2. Please call the Gonic number. The Gonic number connects to both locations. We will have a secretary at each location. Pick up and drop off at Dwing for late arrivals or early dismissal. The D wing lunch options will be similar to RMS options, maybe a few less. They can make the selections as they go through the line.