No School tomorrow at Gonic School

We will not have school tomorrow, December 12, 2017 because of the ongoing structural concerns in the roof.  We will also be closed, as already announced on December 13, 14, 15, 2017.  We will reopen on December 18th.  Students will be split between Gonic and D-Wing at RMS on the 18th.

The school concert will held as scheduled tomorrow December 12th, unless the entire school system has a snow day.  With the weather forecast that is possible.  If the concert is postponed, it will be held after the holidays.

I am sorry for this week long closing.

10 thoughts on “No School tomorrow at Gonic School

  1. I am in question about your comment on the concert being postponed until after the New Year. Why can’t it get rescheduled next week at either the middle school or high school? Our children and families were looking forward to this event. #Gonicstrong we demand a concert before Christmas! Lets make it happen!

  2. The entire school district is closed for a snow day however it is supposed to clear up this afternoon will we still be having the concert? I think that Gonic school has been though a lot as it is these kids have worked so hard for this concert.

  3. Thank you for rescheduling it before Christmas! My daughter was so bummed about it being canceled. Stay warm and be safe everyone!

  4. One of the biggest concerns my children have right now is about what their new learning space will look like. In an effort to make the comfort of all of our students a priority, can we please offer the students a chance to tour the Middle school space prior to Monday? I am uncomfortable to put my children on a bus on Monday without them knowing where they are going. Thank You!

  5. We will have a D wing visit for Gonic Parents on Thursday December 14th from 4 to 6 p.m.

    This will give you a chance to the see D wing at RMS. We will still be finishing lots of details, but you can see the classrooms.

    You can park behind the Middle School and enter D wing. We should have signs or someone to direct you