Spaulding NEASC Report

Attached is the Spaulding High School NEASC Report

Spaulding High School – Final Report – 092215


Dear Peter:


On behalf of the Committee on Public Secondary Schools, I am pleased to submit the final version of the evaluation report which you and I discussed in its draft form. May I remind you of the Committee policy on Statement of Limitations which requires that upon your receipt of the evaluation report from the chair of the visiting committee that it be released within 60 days to the following individuals and locations: • superintendent of schools • board/committee of education • members of the faculty • state department of education • public library or city/town office • appropriate news media Following the official release of the evaluation report, please send a PDF copy of the report to each member of the visiting committee by email. In addition, I have sent an electronic copy of the final evaluation report to the Committee office as required. You may wish to add the electronic copy onto the school’s website. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, Dan, Donna, and all Spaulding High School personnel and students all the best as you make use of this report to make a good school even better. I would also like to thank you and Dan for your upbeat candid communication during the entire accreditation process. Please let me know that you receive this correspondence. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and have a great day living the dream! Don Donald D. Gainey, EdD 45 Hunting House Lane North Scituate, RI 02857’ (401) 764-0373 (H)

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