Big Step Forward Update

At last night’s Instruction Committee Mr. Shea presented an outline of the BSF proposal.  The outline is linked below. 

The next steps in the process are listed below:

January 28th,  Special School Board meeting, 7 p.m. at location to be announced.  Mr. Shea will present a summary of the proposal for 45 minutes, with questions and answers from the Board for the remainder of the meeting.  We anticipate this meeting being televised live on public television.  This will be a meeting for the Board get answers about the process.  The next meeting will include the public in questions and comments.

February 8th, a similar review/presentation from Mr. Shea as part of a public forum.  The public would then be invited to comment and ask questions on the proposal.  If there is more public comment required, another public forum will scheduled after this meeting. 

We should have a location for both meetings determined in the next two weeks. 

Here is the outline of the BSF proposal.

BSF_Update 09-12-17 (2)

2 thoughts on “Big Step Forward Update

  1. Obviously a lot of holes in this document…I’m looking forward to seeing the competed plan…I am concerned about the tight time line from presentation to voting on moving forward…there have been many forums and such, but no real details have been flushed out and we won’t see them until Feb 2010 and he wants a vote by March or April?…seems to me that there is still lots to talk about still and a couple of months doesn’t seem to be enough time…however, if the school board and council have already bought into this idea, then I guess waiting even until March or April makes no sense…they should just give initial approval ASAP so this thing gets started…it’s hard to argue against a need for change and if most of this will be funded from private grants and other “outside” money, then good luck…I hope ie all works out…

  2. Mr. Hopkins,

    Will Mr. Shea’s final presentation document be available prior the 1/28 presentation?

    Thank you.