Most Likely to Succeed Showing

Join us for a screening of this award-winning film and an evening of dialogue about what matters most for students today with special guest Ted Dintersmith, executive producer of Most Likely to Succeed.
Wednesday, Oct. 19th
6:30 pm
Rochester Opera House
Rochester City Hall
31 Wakefield Street
Rochester, NH 03867



Safety Questions Update

We value good communication between home and School; therefore, I want to take a minute to share some information with you.  Today, we were informed of some posts on social media that made a statement regarding the safety of students in school.  We have spoken with Rochester Police Chief Allen who has confirmed that the threats are unsubstantiated. We will continue to work with the Rochester Police Department to ensure the safety of everyone in our schools.

I can assure you that the Rochester Police and the Rochester School District take all of these concerns seriously.  There is not a confirmed threat.  Your children are safe to come to school.  We should not let ourselves become part of the social media hysteria.  The Police will have an increased presence throughout the week, when appropriate.
This notice is purely to alleviate any concerns you may have if you hear any rumors. Please know at all times the safety and security of students and staff is our first and foremost responsibility; and be assured that any issue will be addressed appropriately.

This may be a good opportunity for you to connect with your child about what it means to be safe, respectful and responsible at school and throughout the greater community.  Also, help your child understand the difference between a real concern or a posting on social media.

Bus Drop Off Changes

The following form will be given out to K to 2 students that ride the bus home.  This is provided in case you miss the form.





Please understand that this drop off form is in effect for this school year ONLY. A new form will need to be completed
for each school year. Thank you.
Re: New practice for K-2 bus drop off
Dear Kindergarten, 1st & 2nd Grade Parents/Guardians:
The Rochester School District has worked collaboratively with parents and our bus company to establish a new drop off protocol for students in grades K-2. Effective October 3, 2016 students who are in grades K-2 must be received at their assigned bus stop by a parent/guardian or a responsible adult who has been designated by the parents.
We understand that this may change the normal routine for your family, but want your input to ensure that we have a safe dismissal for your child. Therefore, we are requesting that you please complete the information below and return it to your child’s teacher by Wednesday September 28th. Even if you are not requiring a parent or guardian at drop off, we still need you to complete the form below.
Name of Student: ______________________________________________________________
Grade level: _____________ School: _____________________________
Bus Number: _____________
– I will have a parent/guardian or a responsible adult greet my student at their bus stop.
– I will not have a parent/guardian or a responsible adult present and grant permission for my K-2 student to walk from the bus stop.
___________________________________ _______________________
Parent – Print name Date
Parent Signature
Please return this form to your child’s teacher by September 28, 2016

Budget Reduction List

Rochester School Department
FY 2017 Budget Reductions
Increase Catastrophic Aid $         80,000
Increase Medicaid $         80,000
Total Revenue Increase $       160,000
Building Committee
Electricity – Honeywell Project $         73,878
Instruction Committee
McGraw Hill – Math Program $         61,000
Pearson – Reading Program $       100,000
New Equipment – CIC $       100,000
New Equipment – CIC (go out to bid now) $       123,000
Professional Development $         20,000
Office Supplies $         50,000
Paper $         40,000
Sub Total – Instruction Committee $       494,000
Special Services Committee
Freshman Sports – Payroll $           1,000
Freshman Sports – Other Expenses $           5,000
Wrestling – Payroll $           4,600
Wrestling – Other Expenses $           8,300
Sub Total – Special Services $         18,900
Location Personnel Committee
East Rochester Reading Teacher $         80,000
East Rochester/Gonic Behavioral Specialist $         80,000
Tutoring Academy Teacher $         80,000
Tutoring Academy Paraprofessional $         17,000
Elementary Media Specialist $         80,000
Creteau Tech Center 1/2 HVAC Teacher $         31,000
Middle School Teacher $         80,000
Middle School Guidance $         80,000
Middle School Reading Specialist $         80,000
High School Biology Teacher $         80,000
High School English Teacher $         80,000
High School Business Teacher $         80,000
High School 1/2 of ELO Teacher-Reallocate to Public Safety
10 Paraprofessionals $       170,000
Occupational Therapist $         80,000
Special Ed Consultants $         80,000
Summer Tutoring $         20,000
Summer Stipends $         10,000
Sub Total – Personnel Committee $     1,208,000
Total $     1,954,778

Rochester School and PACE

“Across the country, New Hampshire is recognized as a leader in competency-based education. Through our PACE pilot program, seven school districts and one charter school are now reducing the level of standardized testing in favor of more locally managed assessments that are integrated into the student’s day-to-day work—a model that is expanding nationally based on our success.”


Maggie Hassan, Governor

State of New Hampshire

State of the State Address

Spaulding NEASC Report

Attached is the Spaulding High School NEASC Report

Spaulding High School – Final Report – 092215


Dear Peter:


On behalf of the Committee on Public Secondary Schools, I am pleased to submit the final version of the evaluation report which you and I discussed in its draft form. May I remind you of the Committee policy on Statement of Limitations which requires that upon your receipt of the evaluation report from the chair of the visiting committee that it be released within 60 days to the following individuals and locations: • superintendent of schools • board/committee of education • members of the faculty • state department of education • public library or city/town office • appropriate news media Following the official release of the evaluation report, please send a PDF copy of the report to each member of the visiting committee by email. In addition, I have sent an electronic copy of the final evaluation report to the Committee office as required. You may wish to add the electronic copy onto the school’s website. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you, Dan, Donna, and all Spaulding High School personnel and students all the best as you make use of this report to make a good school even better. I would also like to thank you and Dan for your upbeat candid communication during the entire accreditation process. Please let me know that you receive this correspondence. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks and have a great day living the dream! Don Donald D. Gainey, EdD 45 Hunting House Lane North Scituate, RI 02857’ (401) 764-0373 (H)